American Traveler

A leader in the healthcare staffing industry, American Traveler helps medical facilities across the country fill their nursing staff needs by providing “Traveling Nurses” on a short term contract basis. The nurses in turn receive the opportunity to work and explore areas of the country that they have dreamed about seeing or living in such as Alaska and Hawaii.

As a recruiter of traveling nurses, American Traveler is constantly in need of creative, adventurous, fun, video content that depicts the advantages and experiences of being a Traveling Nurse. Playimage stepped up to the challenge and produced nurse recruitment videos that promote the idea of being a traveling nurse using client testimonials to give prospective applicants an attractive view of what life as a traveling nurse is like. Some of the video content is also being used for digital signage in the office reception area.

Our solution

The Playimage team was tasked with creating content that would promote the position of nurse recruiter. By conducting in office interviews of current recruiters and managers along with capturing the home office environment we produced a video that gives possible new hires an energetic look at what current employees think about their careers at American Traveler.