“I believe your 50s, 60s and beyond should be lived as if it’s your second act, a time where dreams are pursued and we begin to reimagine the possibilities of what we can achieve and what we can contribute,” says Carmel.” My series will empower Baby Boomers to live the third half of their lives to the fullest through healthy and positive living and adventurous experiences.”

Through her culinary talents, Carmel cooks up delicious and nutritious dishes during each show, showing viewers how to substitute fatty ingredients with healthy alternatives. She also interviews famous baby boomers such as pop artist Romero Britto and TV legends, Tony Dow of Leave It To Beaver and Tina Louise of Gilligan’s Island fame to learn the importance of creativity for an aging population. Carmel educates viewers as she delves into the importance of mindfulness with a leading neuro-scientist at the University of Miami and explores the value of friendship and community outreach for those over 50. Finally, Carmel, who is always advocating fitness and fun, takes viewers through a series of out of the box activities from aerial yoga to a challenging fitness course through an untouched forest in the Berkshires. Whether it’s sailing in Biscayne Bay or hiking through the Appalachian Mountains, Carmel encourages the 50+ crowd to “view the world as your gym.”

Support for LIVING WELL WITH CARMEL is provided by CURAD and John Knox Village of Pompano Beach Florida.

LIVING WELL WITH CARMEL is the first lifestyle series for baby boomers on public television. This new lifestyle, health and cooking series which stars chef and fitness expert Carmel Baronoff, is designed to help baby boomers live the life of their dreams in mind, body and spirit through delicious food, proper nutrition, fitness and the active pursuit of an exhilarating lifestyle.

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